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3D wooden Picture "Bauernstube" by Dieter Dorsch  (Handmade in Germany)

3D wooden Picture "Bauernstube" by Dieter Dorsch (Handmade in Germany)

SKU: Dorsch Bauernstube 1

Wonderfully-handmade 3D picture of a "Bauernstube" (Farmhouse Kitchen) 


Traditional 3D wooden carved shadow box creations by artisan family Dieter Dorsch of Germany, the family has been creating these small masterpieces for generations.


Almost all parts are carefully made from real solid wood, whose fine structure successfully emphasizes the rustic flair. Each 3D wood picture is a good 2" deep, but the illusion of space only becomes complete through the ingenious foreshortening of the individual parts. The walls, the wooden beams in the ceiling and the cupboards get smaller towards the back, creating the impression of perfect spatial depth.


Measures 9.75" x 8.75"



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