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Hand-carved PEMA Wood Nativity

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How to Order your first PEMA Wood Nativity from AlmostEurope!

We offer PEMA Nativity carvings.    We also offer Starter sets.

But we also know that many people want to put together their own unique PEMA Nativity!  We recognize how overwhelming it can be to buy a first Nativity.  That is why we work directly with our customers - Larry Hallas is our buyer and will take as much time as you want to 'get it right'.  Whether by e-mail or telephone, Larry will walk you through the decision process.  He can send you brochures or individual photos (by e-mail) as you build the set.  But before you purchase, he will have a picture taken of your nativity for your final approval.  Delivery is then about 2-4 weeks, and remember we do NOT charge shipping or handling for any of our products. 

The price you are quoted is without extra charges...!


Before you call, here are some decisions that you will have to make:


1.  What PEMA carving style do I like best?  Click here to view them(Updated brochures available!)


2.  What size figures do I want?  You can get any size, from 3" to 6 feet! 

The most popular are 9.5cm (4"), 12cm (5"), 16cm (6.5"), 20cm (8"), 25cm (10")


3.  What type of Stall do I want?  Click here to view them.


4.  What figures should I buy?  Many customers begin with the Holy Family and then spend many

        happy years adding to their collection.  There are several score figures too many to name here:

        animals of all types, men and women of all professions as well.  We even have campfires, water

        wells, and benches to arrange your figures on.  The Gloria angel, Guardian angel, and a shooting

        star are possible.


5.  We have  examples of starter sets that may give you some ideas!  Click here to view them.


If you got this far, it really is time to call!  It is no trouble, in fact we prefer it.  That way you will have the satisfaction of picking out the exact pieces you want and taking your time to contemplate this purchase of a lifetime.


Toll Free- 1-877-255-3876 or e-mail (ask for Larry)


Don't Forget hand-carved Tannenbaum!

click photo for details...

Hand carved Spruce

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