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All clocks are guaranteed for 1 year parts and labor

We carry the DOLD line of German Black Forest Clocks for one reason:


It is the only clock that we know of that is

completely designed and hand carved in Germany!


Jan '08 DOLD is currently in reorganization as they have fallen to the cheaper imports from the Far East.  We will post when the reorganization is  complete.


Many clock manufacturers have long ago moved their manufacturing operations to  Southeast Asia.  With the exception of Swiss movements in certain clocks, the DOLD name means

 German Lindenwood, German carving, and German quality.



We arrange our clock selection by the type of movement as follows:

  • ONE day - these are our least expensive clocks and are wound once/day.

  • EIGHT day - these clocks can be expensive and are wound once/week.


Prices include ALL taxes, shipping, & handling

The price you see is the price you pay!

Shelf Clock with Birds and Grapes (Light Oak)

Quartz Shelf

Q-314 ANTIQUE stain (16-1/2")

(pictured in Oak stain)

Sold Out!

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DOLD History 


Instruction Manual 

Please note:  these prices are subject to changes in the US Dollar:Euro exchange rate and any last-minute price increases by the supplier. 

But, we also match any internet price you find (see our pricing policy for further details).